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Save Canadian Documentaries

The Government has announced that it will abolish the Canadian Television Fund (CTF) and the Canadian New Media Fund (CNMF) and replace them with the Canada Media Fund (CMF), which will be controlled by the Canadian cable industry.

Think this doesn’t effect you? Think again.

Independent Canadian documentaries will be particularly affected by the new fund.

Please take the time to read and sign this petition to the Minister of Canadian Heritage.

We the undersigned call on the Hon. James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage, to ensure the continued success of Canada’s independent documentary production industry by committing to the following:

1. Continued and sustained levels of funding for documentaries at the Canada Media Fund
2. Sustained funding for independent Canadian production at the Canada Media Fund, which will increase as the fund grows.
3. Full independence of the Board of the Canada Media Fund, by ensuring that directors are not appointed by beneficiaries of the Fund.

We believe these steps are necessary if the independent documentary industry in Canada is to survive and thrive. We thank you for taking the time to read this letter,

To sign the petition online click here

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