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This Really Happened

Hot on the heels of the first installment, behold the
next Non-Fiction Reading Night! Now with a real title.

This Really Happened is an evening of non-fiction
readings and performance. Stories are read from the
stage by their writers.

Please submit your:
First-person stories, amusing correspondence, wild
travel anecdotes, revealing grocery lists, teenage
diary entries, or as-of-yet-undiscovered storytelling

Next submission deadline: Tuesday April 10th

Next event: Tuesday April 24th, 9pm
At: Boa, 5301 St-Laurent, corner Maguire

A word on the submission process: This is not an
open-mic night, it’s a curated event. In the interest
of quality, variety, performance-friendliness, and
good old common sense, you must submit your complete
text by the deadline.

For more information:
Tally Abecassis (514) 274-7349

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