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Montreal-based Instinct Films is proud to announce the television
broadcast of SIX DAYS IN JUNE, a ground breaking feature documentary that
brings a contemporary perspective to the Six Days War of 1967.

In Quebec, SIX DAYS IN JUNE premieres on PBS (Mountain Lake) on Wednesday,
June 13th at 9 p.m. The French version, SIX JOURS EN JUIN,already shown on
Radio-Canada, will be broadcast in 2 parts on RDI, Wednesday, June 6th
and Thursday, June 7th at 8:00PM.

Although the fighting lasted only six days in June of 1967, the effects of
the Six Day War are still apparent today. On its 40th anniversary, the
region remains trapped in a conflict as explosive as it was then.

“Although, the 1967 war was a military success for Israel, this event also
had serious consequences for the region. Many of which we are still
experiencing today,” explains director Ilan Ziv.

Shot on location in Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Moscow and
Washington, SIX DAYS IN JUNE takes us through the weeks that preceded the
war, its six days of fighting and the aftermath that still lingers today.
It is the first documentary film that looks at the war not only as a tale
of victory and defeat, but also as the birth of the new Middle East.

“Throughout the film, the viewer will hear the testimonies of those who
were directly implicated in these six intense days. We get a full picture
of this era from soldiers, civilians, politicians, generals and others who
were right there,” says producer Ina Fichman.

SIX DAYS IN JUNE is a Canada / Israel / France co-production. Directed by
Ilan Ziv (THE JUNCTION, REVOLUTION AIRFIELD). Produced by Ina Fichman
(Instinct Films / Canada), Arik Bernstein (Alma Films / Israel) & Luc
Martin-Gousset (Productions Point du jour / France).


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