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Oscar-winning Juno not Canadian enough for Canada’s Oscars

BY EZRA WINTONIn an earlier post I had written about the new Canadian doc Up the Yangtze and the film’s potential for overcoming the nationalist/neoliberal debate in the Canadian culturesphere. Well that film was entirely shot in China about a Chinese family, and made mostly by Canucks. That makes it Canadian enough for the bureaucratic culture-meters north of Hollywood. Now take Juno, a film nominated for several Oscars (with one win) and winning accolades wherever it is screened. The film was shot in Canada, stars Canadian talent and was made by a Canadian director. With the upcoming Genie awards (Canada’s answer to the Oscars) the film was seen to be a sweeper. Think again.http://www.artthreat.net/2008/02/oscar-nominated-juno-not-canad

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