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Documentary and television: an unnatural relationship?

Tuesday, September 30 – 7pm
Maison de la Réalisation
3480, rue Saint-Denis – M° Sherbrooke

For DOC-Québec and ARRQ members: $8.00
For non-members : $10.00

Reservation: info@docquebec.ca

The Documentary Organization of Canada – Québec Chapter (Doc Quebec) invites you to meet with two of the most important television networking documentary broadcasters, Radio-Canada and Canal D.

Georges Amar, filmmaker and coordinator of the documentary and Grands Reportages at Radio-Canada and Jean-Pierre Laurendeau, vice chairman of programming for Canal D, will talk about their respective stations and the place of documentary in their schedule. Regarding content and format, they will explain what they’re looking for, as well as what they don’t want. They will also discuss programming perspectives in regard to new broadcasting platforms.

The discussion will lead us to the central question about the necessary collaboration between documentary filmmakers and television: is it really an unnatural relationship?

Coordinnator of documentary services at Radio-Canada, Georges Amar is also a well known director. After obtaining his degree in mathematics, he participated in the Course autour du monde in 1982, was filmmaker at the NFB, director at Le Point and Zone Libre and now works for Enquête at Radio-Canada.

Jean-Pierre Laurendeau has nearly thirty years of experience in the media field in addition to a master’s degeree in communications. First producer for JPL Productions, he then became head of production at Télé-Métropole in the eighties. After being program vice-chairman for MusiMax and curator television archives at the Cinémathèque québécoise, where created the television sector, he has been for nearly four years, vice-chairman at Canal D and teaches in the television and documentary section of INIS.

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