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Palestinian Perspectives IV at Cinémathèque québécoise

Friday January 16 2009 7PM

La couleur des olives

by Carolina Rivas and Daoud Sarhandi, Palestine/Mexico, 97 min., original Arabic version with French subtitles

Like many Palestinian families, the Amers live surrounded by the infamous West Bank Wall. Their daily lives are dominated by electrified fences, locks and a constant swarm of armed soldiers. Through a sensitive lens we discover the private world of all eight members of the family. As their dramas unfold we catch a glimpse of their constant struggles and the small, endearing details that sustain them: including school friends, olive trees and two small donkeys. The story of the Amer family offers an opportunity to reflect on the effects of racial segregation, the meaning of borders and the absurdity of war. This documentary reveals the unknown life of the Palestinian people.

Preceded by A Day in Palestine, by Mary Ellen Davis, José Garcia-Lozano and Will Eizlini, Quebec/Canada, 5 min., no dialogue

Scenes of everyday life in the occupied Palestinian territories, with a dream-like feeling, reminiscent of home-movies of the 60s. But instead of a day at the beach, or in the backyard: an olive tree, a wall, a bulldozer, soldiers.

Friday January 23 2009 7PM

Alsateh (The Roof)

by Kamal Aljafari, Palestine/Germany, 63 min., original Arabic version with English subtitles

Palestinian director Kamal Aljafari’s poetic and political film records his journey back to his family and homeland and explores his firm conviction that “home” can be a feeling as well as an actual place. Aljafari’s voyage is less a definite search for memories than an attempt to view the present as a living past. As his camera pans slowly around the rooms of homes inhabited, damaged and ruined, past and present collide.

Preceded by Roads through Palestine, by Brett Story and Stefan Christoff, Quebec/Canada, 17 min., no dialogue

An audio-visual journey through the roads of occupation and resistance in the West Bank, and a poetic and cinematic reflection on the geography of war.

Cinémathèque québécoise, Salle Fernand-Séguin
entry: 7$ (students, elders 6$)
335, boul. de Maisonneuve Est – Métro Berri-UQAM
T. 514 842-9763


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