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Documentary Storytelling & Impact in a Crowdfunding World

A workshop by director Pepita Ferrari

Having a great story to tell is no longer enough to raise the support you need to get your documentary made. It’s about understanding the craft of storytelling to maximize its marketability and connectivity. What will make people care about your idea and get on board because they want to see the final result? It’s about creating a strategy that will connect your idea to your audience even before you shoot one frame of your film. This half day workshop walks you through the critical stages that will help ensure your idea is in step with today’s new funding environment. Learn how your creative choices can impact your audience outreach and how your audience can be your film’s biggest backers.Biography
Over the course of her career of more than twenty years as writer, director and consultant, Pepita Ferrari has built a solid reputation with her workshops on writing and developing for documentary here in Canada, the U.S. and South Africa. Her various articles on the subject of documentary can be found in issues of POV Magazine. She is presently in her second mandate as National chair of the Documentary Organization of Canada.When : Saturday November 29, from 1pm to 4pm
Where : ARRQ, 5154 St-Hubert, Metro Laurier
Fees : $80 for DOC & ARRQ members, students / $120 for general public
Registration untill November 26 : info@docquebec.ca
Limited number of places
In partnership with ARRQ

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